Flexible pavements constitute major portion of existing Road Network and Airfields in India.

RoadStar Polymer Modified Bitumen meets the requirements in accordance with PMB of IS 15462-2004, I.R.C: 53-2004/IRC: 53-2010 specifications designed for pavement applications.

RoadStar Polymer Modified Bitumen is a highly specialized blend of Bitumen with high quality polymer(Elastomeric) manufactured with a specially blended feed, making the binder homogenous and storage stable. It enhances the key properties of asphalt mixes, i.e. deformation resistance and fatigue life and provides overall extended pavement life. Polymer Modified Bitumen can be used in asphalt mix designs which result in the manufacture of cohesive asphalt mix with good elasticity suitable for type of traffic.


  • RoadStar PMB 120 : Recommended for cold climate areas
  • RoadStar PMB 70 : Recommended for moderate climate areas
  • RoadStar PMB 40 : Recommended for hot climate areas